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Hip hop clothing has been around since the mid 1980s, though it did not gain wide popularity in urban communities until the mid-1990s. Hip hop clothing was originated by rap artists who appeared on stage an in public wearing extremely baggy pants, loose t-shirts with sporty logos, baseball caps worn backwards and a large amount of flashy, glittering jewelry.

It was mainly male rap artists who wore these gold chains, silver bracelets and platinum rings. As rap artists became millionaires, they wanted to show off their newfound wealth by displaying it in the form of jewelry made from precious metals and encrusted with expensive gem stones. The young urban males who listened to rap music saw their heroes wearing this type of clothing, and they started to demand local stores start carrying similar items for them. Today, hip hop clothing is worn by young men and women in neighborhoods all across the country.

Hip Hop Clothing In an Online Store

Not all clothing in hip hop fashion is expensive. There are certain brand names that are popular that have hefty price tags attached to them. However, there are now plenty of less-expensive items available, which was not always the case in the past.

Thug Fashion is an Internet retail store that exclusively carries hip hop fashions and accessories. The store will ship worldwide for free and can make custom jewelry. Thug Fashion can be reached at 818-955-8449, 818-235-0112 (fax), or at 103 W. Alameda Ave., Suite 130, Burbank CA 91502.