Hip Hop Hats

Most urban outfits today include a hip hop hat. Hip hop hats are baseball-style caps decorated with logos from sports teams, record labels, bands and more. Some caps are printed with urban or contemporary designs. The hats are typically worn either backwards or to the side, though some people prefer to wear theirs forwards, but with the rim of the cap pointed downward and at an angle.

Hip hop hats usually accompany loose, sporty t-shirts, baggy pants and a wide variety of expensive jewelry as accessories. A full urban outfit can be worn on the street or to a night club, though such ensembles are usually dressed up with an expensive coat or jacket for evenings out. This style of clothing first came to prominence in the mid 1980s, but it was only rappers who wore it at first. By the mid 1990s, however, this clothing style was embraced by urban youth all across the United States.

Fitted Hip Hop Hats at Wholesale Prices

Many stores now exist that specialize in carrying fitted hip hop hats. Entrepreneurs can have these items made in bulk at wholesale prices and sell them at a good premium. The demand for such products is high and the market is large.

Thug Fashion carries a full line of fitted hip hop hats and other accessories. Wholesale prices are available for business owners. Thug Fashion can be reached via telephone at 818-955-8449, via fax at 818-235-0112, or at 103 W. Alameda Ave., Suite 130, Burbank CA 91502.