Gold Teeth

Most die-hard hip hop fans have one or more gold teeth or grillz made out of real precious metals. Real gold teeth and grillz set hip hop fashion apart from the rest of the fashion world. These unique accessories are worn to show that even a smile can be enhanced with jewelry. In fact, in hip hop fashion, most gold teeth and grillz are worn by men as profound fashion statements.

The gold teeth and grillz worn by hip hop fashion followers can have any of the following traits:

  • Removable
  • Permanent
  • Custom molded to the wearer's own teeth
  • Generically molded to the wearer's teeth by wearing the item one or more times
  • Teeth molded to fit the caps by grinding them dowm
  • Encrusted with one or more gem stones
  • Made of precious metals or look-alike materials

Gold Teeth for Hip Hop Fashion

In addition to gold teeth, several other kinds of accessories are popular in hip hop fashion. Most people who wear this type of apparel accent their outfits with items such as chains, large pendants, bracelets, rings, belt buckles and more, often oversized. Most hip hop jewelry is made from gold, silver or platinum and frequently includes one or more diamonds or other precious gem stones. Hip hop clothing itself is baggy, sporty and casual, so that it can be worn on the street or to clubs. Thug Fashion carries clothing and accessories to outfit the urban lifestyle. Contact Thug Fashion at 818-955-8449, 818-235-0112 (fax), or at 103 W. Alameda Ave., Suite 130, Burbank CA 91502.