Custom Pendants

Many young urban men and women who are involved in hip hop culture desire a custom pendant as part of their club jewelry. The lure of the custom pendant lies in the recognition factor. Because hip hop jewelry is usually large and glittery, a custom pendant will be easily visible from across a room, letting everyone present know the name or logo of the wearer. The flashier and more full of gemstones the jewelry is, the greater the wearer's reputation in the hip hop community will be.

Custom pendants are usually made to reflect the owner's name. However, the names and logos of record labels, businesses and nicknames are also frequently requested. Gold, silver and platinum are the most commonly used materials, and diamonds are usually included in the design. The custom pendant may be quite large and heavy, and is typically worn with many other thick, heavy chains around the owner's neck. Many people will never go out without wearing their custom pendant, and the item becomes a signature part of that person's wardrobe.

Custom Pendants for Clubbing

The acquisition of bling is a major goal in the hip hop community. Bling is any piece of jewelry that is flashy, covered in gemstones and highly noticeable. The word has become so entrenched in modern society that it is now included in many dictionaries. In order to find the best bling of all kinds,

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