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  • Belt Buckles
  • Personalized
    • DOG TAGS - Personalized engraved dog tag pendants, military dog tags, and custom engraved dog tags in silver & gold.
    • BRACELETS - Personalized ID bracelets for men. Many styles to choose from including gold ID bracelets and silver ID bracelets. Custom engraved bracelets make excellent gifts!
    • CUSTOM T-SHIRTS - Custom hip hop T shirts, long sleeve tall t shirts, several designs available.
    • CUSTOM RINGS - Personalized initial rings, two finger rings, & four finger rings for men & women.
    • SOLID GOLD - Offering several types of personalized jewelry in solid gold for men & women including rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings.
    • NAME BUCKLES - Personalized name belts. Write anything up to 9 iced out characters inside of a classy iced out rhineston frame! These personalized name belts will make an excellent gift for both men & women. Free belt will be included with all name belts.
    • CUSTOM HATS - Custom trucker hats. Write your name in a variety of font styles!
    • WOMENS - Personalized name pendants and name necklaces for women. Several styles available in both solid .925 sterling silver and real gold.
  • Chains
  • Pendants
  • Bracelets
    • .925 SILVER - Sterling silver bracelets for men.  Our men's silver bracelets are available with and without cubic zirconia.  Some styles include men's Figaro bracelet and men's silver ID bracelets.
    • FAKE PLATINUM - Iced out hip hop bracelets, silver plated Cuban Link bracelets, cubic zirconia bracelets, Figaro bracelets, bling bling bracelets, & more. Many bracelets are available in a variety of sizes including 8 inch, 9 inch, and 10 inch lengths.
    • FAKE GOLD - Gold plated bracelets for men including gold hip hop bracelets, mens gold cz bracelets, mens gold Figaro bracelets, Cuban Link bracelets, etc.
    • 14K GOLD - Men's solid 14k gold bracelets, and cubic zirconia diamond 14k gold bracelets for men.
    • WOMENS - Women's bracelets in gold plated, silver plated, and solid .925 sterling silver. Unique high quality bracelets for low prices!
    • STAINLESS STEEL - Men's stainless steel bracelets. With the current rise of precious metal jewelry, stainless steel is a great alternative to sterling silver or even white gold jewelry. We offer a nice range of classy stainless steel bracelets at affordable prices.
    • BLACK PLATED - Black plated bracelets. All bracelets listed in this category are made of solid brass and are backed with a 90 day warranty.
    • SHAMBALLA - Shamballa bracelets. All bracelets listed in this category are made of solid brass and are backed with a 90 day warranty.
  • Watches
    • FAKE PLATINUM - This category featured all sorts of affordable platinum look hip hop watches including iced out watches, Geneva watches, mens silver watches, Phat Farm watches, Ecko watches, Rolex style watches, Jacob & Co style watches, Simon & Co. watches, 5 time zone watches, & more.
    • FAKE GOLD - Men's affordable gold plated and fake gold wrist watches including gold Geneva watches, gold spinner watches, gold hip hop watches, iced out gold watches, and gold bling watches. All sorts of styles including time zone watches, mens rose gold watches, and other men's gold tone watches.
    • WOMENS - Women's rhinestone CZ watches in silver plated and gold plated. Variety of styles.
    • GENUINE DIAMOND - Men's genuine diamond watches by Techna Swiss at affordable prices. Excellent quality watches with a genuine Japanese movement. 100 feet water resistant.
    • .925 SILVER - Solid sterling silver watches for men & women.
    • DIGITAL - Digital Casio "G-Shock" watches for men.
  • Accessories
    • CUFF LINKS - Iced out cuff links for men. Gold cuff links & silver cuff links. Several styles available.
    • PIMP CUPS - Personalized REAL GLASS pimp cups. Customize your name or anything on them!
    • SUNGLASSES - Unisex hip hop fashion sunglasses for men & women.
    • CLEANERS - Clean your jewelry with the top of the line cleaners available today.
    • LICENSE PLATES - Bling license plate frames!
    • JEAN CHAINS - Bling wallet chains in gold & silver.
    • PENDANT BAILS - Purchase bails seperately for your pendants. Now you can purchase the size bai that you need to make your pendant fit the chain you have! Available exclusively at ThugFashion.com
    • GIFT BOXES - Jewelry boxes for all sorts of jewelry including watch boxes, necklace boxes, and ring boxes. Whether storing the jewelry you purchase safely or purchasing jewelry to give as a gift, our low cost gift boxes are a must!
    • WALLETS - Wallets with wallet chains, velcro wallets, and hip hop wallets. Several wallets to choose from at unbeatable prices!
    • BATTERIES - Thug Fashion watch batteries. If you need to replace a battery on a watch you purchased from us, you will find the right size battery in this category!
    • MONEY CLIPS - Sterling silver money clips for men.
    • POSTERS - Hip hop posteres including 2-Pac posters, Biggy Posters, Scarface posters, & more! Competitive prices and a large selection.
    • TOOLS - Watch & bracelet band shortening tools, watch battery changing tools, belt hole punching tools.
    • CD CASES - CD & DVD carrying cases.
  • Rings
    • .925 SILVER - Mens sterling silver rings, iced out rings, mens silver cz rings, mens pinky rings, silver cubic zirconia rings, bling bling rings, etc. Most rings are available in a variety of sizes including Size 7, Size 8, Size 9, Size 10, Size 11, and Size 12. Some rings are available in Size 13 as well.

      Mens fake platinum hip hop iced out rings, bling pinky rings, two finger rings, bling bling rings, etc.  Most rings are available in a variety of sizes including Size 7, Size 8, Size 9, Size 10, Size 11, and Size 12. Some rings are available in Size 13 as well.  Want to see our real sterling silver rings?  Click here!

    • FAKE GOLD - Men's gold plated CZ rings, gold hip hop rings, gold iced out rings, etc. Several styles including men's gold nugget rings, men's gold cross rings, two tone men's gold rings, and more. Our gold rings are available in sizes such as Size 7, Size 8, Size 9, Size 10, Size 11, Size 12, and Size 13. Custom gold rings are also available upon special request, please Email us for details and price quote.
    • REAL GOLD - Men's solid 14k gold and 10k gold rings. Most styles available in white & yellow gold.
    • WOMENS - Several styles of women's rings in women's ring sizes.
    • PERSONALIZED - Personalized rings for both men & women. Several styles including 2 finger rings, 4 finger rings with engraving, deep engraving, and cut out styles.
    • STAINLESS STEEL - Solid stainless steel rings for men. With silver & gold prices as high as they are today, stainless steel is a great alternative if you are looking for precious metal jewelry without having to pay the expensive priec for it. Stainless steel is a fine metal that shines very similar to white gold. Be sure to browse our selection of stainless steel rings!
    • BLACK PLATED - Black plated rings. All rings listed in this category are made of solid brass and are backed with a 90 day warranty.
  • Earrings
    • .925 SILVER - Mens earrings including solid sterling silver earrings, silver CZ earrings, men's hoop earrings, hip hop earrings, silver stud earrings for men. Our men's stud earrings with cubic zirconia stones bling just like real diamonds! All earrings in this category are made of solid .925 sterling silver.
    • FAKE PLATINUM - Mens earrings, hip hop earrings for men, bling bling earrings, mens stud earrings, iced out earrings, and mens stud earrings in a variety of styles.
    • FAKE GOLD - Mens gold plated earrings, gold plated cz earrings, gold hip hop earrings, etc. Several styles including Crown earrings, Star earrings, gold initial earrings, & more! All earrings come with surgical posts.
    • WOMENS - Women's cubic zirconia earrings, gold bamboo earrings, door knocker earrings, and solid 14 gold earrings for women.
    • GENUINE DIAMOND - Men's diamond earrings. Our diamond stud earrings real diamonds set into solid 10k gold. We have a huge variety of men's diamond earrings including styles with canary yellow diamonds and blue diamonds. The diamond stud earrings you find in this category are available in both yellow gold and white gold.
    • REAL GOLD - Solid 14k gold and 10k gold earrings. Several styles including gold hoop earrings, real gold cz earrings, gold huggie earrings, & more.
  • Removable Gold Teeth
    • FAKE GOLD - Wide selection of custom gold teeth grills, removable gold teeth, and cheap custom grills. Our iced out grills are available in silver and gold.
    • FAKE PLATINUM - White gold & platinum look grills are silver plated and iced out with cubic zirconia stones. In this category, you can find yourself all sorts removable gold teeth for only $29.99 or under. Over 150 styles to choose from.
    • .925 SILVER - Silver grillz made of solid .925 sterling silver to the core. Several style available including invisible set grillz. Our silver iced out mouth grills are great replicas of expensive diamond grills at just a fraction of the cost. The quality of our iced out grills is unbeatable, and the 5 minute custom fitted removable gold teeth available here are priced just right.
    • BLACK GRILLZ - Removable gold teeth now available in black color. Order yourself a set of black grillz today!
    • NAME GRILLZ - Iced out name grillz and custom made name grills in fake gold, solid 10k gold, and solid .925 sterling silver. Largest selection of custom name grillz simply because we are the King of Grillz!
  • Clothing
    • T SHIRTS - Custom hip hop T shirts for men. Underground hip hop T shirts, NWA T Shirts, Tupac T shirts, & more. All t shirts are available in white, black, gray, and blue colors. Long T shirts and long sleeve t shirts also available.
    • HATS - Hip hop fitted baseball caps and trucker hats for men & women. Order yourself a custom printed hat today!
    • HOODIES - Men's custom hip hop hoodies, available in black, blue, red, white colors & more!
    • ACCESSORIES - Hip hop bandans & durags for men & women. Several styles of thugged out head gear at extremely affordable pricing!
    • BELTS - Hip hop fashion belts & buckles. Hundreds of styles in gold look, platinum look, or stailess steel look.
    • THERMAL SHIRTS - Men's Pro Club brand thermal shirts. Available in a variety of colors and combinations with Pro Club t shirts.
    • BANDANAS - Parsley bandanas and flag bandanas for men & women (unisex).
    • BEANIES - Hip hop beanies. Variety of styles to choose from.
    • DURAGS - Hip hop durags.
    • SHAWLS - Hip hop style shawls (scarfs).
    • WIFE BEATERS - Wife beater shirts for men offered in a variety of colors.
    • SHOES - Men's hip hop shoes with competitive prices and a variety of styles & sizes! Brands featuring Cadillac, Blac Label, Yums, Radii, & More!
    • PANTS - Men's hip hop pants, sweat pants, and premium quality jeans.

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